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Someone mentioned this on Twitter, and this was the only image they put on there.

I did wonder if this would give the spaciousness of Blumlein crossed fig.8s whilst not having to move the mics back to have the 90 degree inclusive angle. A sort of flexible Blumlein. I don't know if Blumlein had anything to do with the idea or not, the people who put up the photo mentioned Blumlein, but I have doubts it.

Blumlein crossed fig.8s rules itself out of use with a larger ensembles because of having to pull back far enough for the inclusive 90 degree angle, I just wondered if this would give the same spaciousness. I don't think the imaging could be as good as the crossed fig.8s, but.............?
hard to tell things from this pic alone... - anyway, regarding blumlein (but also m/s and even x/y), my experience is that at some distance, it really doesn't matter much whether mics are positioned on top of each other, behind each other or next to each other (as seen from the source) as long as the capsules are close (enough)!

i'd be a bit more sceptical (actually, a lot!) if the orientation of the mic system is off/rotated 90° to point up/downwards unless this is done on purpose?! - i'm having a hard time to think of a scenario where this could be very useful though: if used as mains, i assume one would get much less direct sound from the source (instrument/ensemble) but lots of reflected sound from the floor and a lot of room: not really a combination i am looking for in mains...