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Our posts are useless, this guy will keep finding excuses anyways instead of honing his skills. Have you read my post above? You don't need 10K$ gear to win!

You can absolutely do everything by yourself, including the mix. Mastering is only responsible for 10% of a song success. If it's good, any decent indie label or publisher will be happy to cover the costs. Regarding the "high end mic needed for world-class vocal" this is bullsh*t as well. If the singer is good and has practiced the performance before entering studio, he/she can definitely record a good-quality take in one or two hours for 50/100$ max. Then, your mixing skills will make it shine.

Last but not least, since you seem so obsessed by the value of your gear, please consider this perspective: 10.000$ is a lot of money indeed. However, given that a true mastery of the craft is usually achieved after 10.000 hours of practice, spread over 7 to 10 years, it would require an investment of 1000/1300$ per year to finally acquire this "perfect" studio. Some people go to holidays with this cash, other prefer to buy 3 packs of cigarettes per week, you could also buy a dog and cover his veterinary expenses, and so on. You could also slowly build your studio.

Stop blaming, start acting.
Show me a modern artist who won without it. Don't name any viral one hit anomalies either... You are talking out your ass...

go on this website do the research look what they are using....