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Fair points. There's some good cinema-style lenses available...latest tech in a large market so I guess there's a scale of economy we don't see in the smaller audio recording market; I bought the cheapest Canon L for around £400, same price as a decent mic.

Still, $10k won't even buy a high-end cinema quality lens; whereas you can get a high-quality, pro recording chain for that amount. Just.

To use a crude analogy: the studio is like the garage that services a car; the car owner doesn't want to buy or keep all the individual tools and materials for the you employ the garage to do it, also you get the mechanics expertise.

Interesting conversation.
Interesting conversation indeed.

I guess I am just young. More and more people like me are going to push for the ideas I am advocating because we have grown up in this fast developing era and world where we see other markets like the film and computer and video games etc adapt and develop technology that with a small investment can get you really close to what the best are producing.

Then if when they look into the world of pro audio we don't see any similarities and the lack of quality affordable recording and mixing gear in comparison to what the pros are doing is no match. Full $100,000 ssl vs digital daw + plugins etc.... It is no match. It confuses and frustrates us. How is there not better teach out here for this sector? It's 2019... I see alot of companies trying but are falling short but other sectors like the film and computer etc are succeeding...

Yes $10,000 won't get you even close to a pro cinematic lens but look at the example I just posted. Tech like that is more than good enough to get the job the done.

Audio is a different beast. I feel like the car garage example you gave was great and I feel there is a need for expertise and studios but I also feel like

1) studios should develop a lot more affordable plans to less fortune people believe it or not most people don't have a extra $700-$4000 laying around for a project especially in Texas that is rent money....

2) Tools to fix my car cost money but they are far from unattainable. Some of the most important tools needed to create a modern commercial sound are very expensive and arguably unattainable for most people in certain areas.