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could it be that the camera position was a bit unfortunate and this is nothing but an x/y at 90° over the drum kit? are there any other pics from a different angle/position?
Someone mentioned this on Twitter, and this was the only image they put on there.

I did wonder if this would give the spaciousness of Blumlein crossed fig.8s whilst not having to move the mics back to have the 90 degree inclusive angle. A sort of flexible Blumlein. I don't know if Blumlein had anything to do with the idea or not, the people who put up the photo mentioned Blumlein, but I have doubts it.

Blumlein crossed fig.8s rules itself out of use with a larger ensembles because of having to pull back far enough for the inclusive 90 degree angle, I just wondered if this would give the same spaciousness. I don't think the imaging could be as good as the crossed fig.8s, but.............?