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Nor me...I started collecting gear around 1970 and then at slut-level since quality item every few years; after 20 years I've got a nice collection of instruments and recording gear...and cables...but still no SSL

For analogue summing I use a DAV mixbus which is super-cheap/effective way of summing 32 channels...cost around 1/100th of an SSL. There's lot's of viable shortcuts to getting a professional-quality sound on a budget discussed here on Gearslutz.

Fact is, pro gear costs, same for most professions/serious hobbies. For cinema/film-making multiply costs by 10; motor-racing by 20. Flying planes. Yachts. I'm sure a lot of successful artists spend more on legal fees than studio time/gear.
The difference with movies though is that with $1,000-$4,000 you can buy gear that can get you REALLY good quality. It's not going to be a Arri Alexa but it will be crisp and HD and let your art shine what ever your making.

Literally in the days we live in everyone is listening on headphones so they are hypersensitive. They will subconsciously notice the difference.... You can't even get close to a top 40 sound without $10,000+ for tracking gear let alone gear for mixing and mastering....

You can get wayyyy closer in the world of film making....

this was made using a $1,000 camera......

the audio world has not caught up with modern times..... film making has though.

One could even argue this is a factor on why the movie biz is fine and audio world is struggling....