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I would too but I am not fortunate enough to afford it. Even after 10,000 hours. I am not a trust fund baby nor do I sell drugs and I don't know anyone who owns pro gear that is $10,000 +
Nor me...I started collecting gear around 1970 and then at slut-level since quality item every few years; after 20 years I've got a nice collection of instruments and recording gear...and cables...but still no SSL

For analogue summing I use a DAV mixbus which is super-cheap/effective way of summing 32 channels...cost around 1/100th of an SSL. There's lot's of viable shortcuts to getting a professional-quality sound on a budget discussed here on Gearslutz.

Fact is, pro gear costs, same for most professions/serious hobbies. For cinema/film-making multiply costs by 10; motor-racing by 20. Flying planes. Yachts. I'm sure a lot of successful artists spend more on legal fees than studio time/gear.