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I think it's a good thing you're doing this test, but I'm in that group that says Expectation Bias and other biases that help, however placebo, are a good thing if it helps you get the result you want or the fun of creating it
Very well put! Maybe the way we talk about different DAWs, their software, interfaces and their DACs should be more focused on end results from start to finish. People get great results with anything these days, even the cheapest DAWs and interfaces. Finding a setup with a great vibe that makes you want to work with it, within your budget, is the thing that matters - I guess is what I'll tell my student(s).

It's good though, I think, to know when to stop reaching for "better".
Like a rep. over at RME told me when asking about a certain cable: "Any cable of that sort should work fine (S/PDIF), we're not into cable voodoo here."

In this particular test, however, I came across something weird when checking the nulls. I know what it is, but am currently testing to see if it is something that often happens. If so, that will be good info in an upcoming post!