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Right. Getting that initial spark is a lovely moment, whether it’s a title, a guitar riff, or a chord sequence. The problem with the “antenna” metaphor, is that while getting that initial inspiration, when and if it strikes, is wonderful, there’s still a tremendous amount of craftsmanship that is necessary to bring a song to fruition, from envisioning the rest of melody and/or lyrics that didn’t appear in the initial brainstorm, to structuring the song to its (hopefully) fullest potential. And having that craftsmanship at your disposal is also an extremely useful tool (or series of tools) when the gods aren’t speaking to you, and you need to grind a song out from scratch.
Well exactly. And my conviction is that therefore the relevant skills are only two:

- getting to be as open as possible as to let as much through in one piece to start with, so you ideally don't just get the single riff, but keep weaving it on before 'the transmission stops'.


- becoming very good at respectfully crafting what you did get through without killing the fragile magic it has.

What was that story about the writer who said he could only write when he was inspired? I think he said something like 'so I make sure I am inspired every morning at 9'

In the end I think it's a balance between doing channeling when the radio reception is good, and doing crafting on days when it isn't so much, pushing forward regardless.