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What about xxxtentacion, peep, smokepurrrp (murda beats),
Metro Boomin, suicide boys, yung lean ....the list is very long!

They had something called attitude/character and a very artsy or non mainstream sound produced on laptops using cheap usb mics n stuff.

The breaktrough singles/songs weren´t even mixed and eeeeeryone wanted to hear them again and again.
(millions of clicks)

I know what you arre trying to say, which is right in a few cases but ppl like skrillex or the producer of lady gaga (forgot his name tbh) were all in the box on laptops when they created their breakthrough sound/tracks.

Nobody cares about perfect quality, the magic of success will never be the gear thats been used in my opinion.
Yea xxx is another anomaly and so is skrillex but their music genre fits how they were making those records. Not every one makes music like that though. Not to mention that when all of those artist got big so they could continue to compete after the newness of them entering the game wore off they all bought and recorded on expensive gear.

If I wanna make a beautiful clean sounding R&B track or pop track, or trap soul etc I should be able to sonically achieve a commercial sound at affordable price. period. I should not have to go pay a studio $1,000 to get it and have another guy's fingerprint on my art. I also should not have to sell a arm and leg or go into debt to afford the gear either. It should be attainable.

SSL's literally cost $100,000+ and The best mics cost $10,000+ ... that is ridiculous and not right...