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Originally Posted by SYXCKO View Post
The lil nas song the world heard was NOT mixed in a bedroom....

"The song started to create a stir online, and by March, Lil Nas X had signed to Columbia, who took over the song's distribution"

Only AFTER Old Town Road had already gone viral did Columbia step in and start investing money but it cost close to nothing to start the ball rolling.

and the vocals aka the most important aspect of any song was record in a expensive studio with a expensive setup....
Only AFTER it was already successful. Anyone can make a track in Fruity, hire a studio for an hour to record vocals and publish. Stop inventing excuses for yourself.

and serban receives tracks that are recorded with very expensive gear and I doubt he doesn't have any expensive gear he uses himself....
He receives all sorts of stuff but most charting stuff these days has an electronic bed which can be made entirely with plugins. And, no, Serban is fully ITB. You have access to exactly the same plugins as he does.