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Check out this guy:

Serban is by far the top mixer in the world. (There are weeks and weeks that go by in which every Nr 1 single was mixed by him. His longest Nr 1 streak was 5 months I believe). He is 100% in the box. I'm sure his studio has nice acoustics and monitoring but other than that, everyone has access to the exact same (or very similar) tools to him.

Here is another example: The current Nr 1 in the top 100 Billboard chart, Old Town Road, (for 17 consecutive weeks, the longest Nr1 in history btw), was produced in Fruity Loops by a Dutch 19 year old kid (YoungKio) in his bedroom. (And Little Nas X bought the beat for $30. Hah!)

In other words, there really are no excuses.

The lil nas song the world heard was NOT mixed in a bedroom....


and the vocals aka the most important aspect of any song was record in a expensive studio with a expensive setup....

and serban receives tracks that are recorded with very expensive gear and I doubt he doesn't have any expensive gear he uses himself....