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How do you find the right replacements for each synth's display and/or backlight? Not TX7 in specific but I have older items that will eventually need them I guess
Search on ebay (or probably other places as well). Just searched for "DX7 display" and it came right up; try likewise with whatever model you have in mind

Originally Posted by unicorn74 View Post
I also have TX7 and I'm considering installing a backlight.
That is why I would like to ask You if the replacement of the LCD is easy or does it require some more complicated operations like soldering etc.?
I similarly replaced my DX21 display a couple years ago, with a backlit one purchased from ebay. It did not require soldering, and came with step-by-step directions.

That being said, I would not call it an easy change: the new display re-uses the same glass front-piece, which the old display is glued to.

The instructions simply tell you to separate the glass and the display with a knife or razor, and this is indeed what you must do. What they do not say is that this will be very difficult.

1. The glue is very strong, so you must use force -- but if you slip, you may very well be jabbing said knife/blade/etc into your own hand. Be very careful.

2. The glass display is partially blacked out, around the edge, leaving the display part clear. Any slip of your knife/blade/etc means scraping that blackness off the glass.

Bear in mind that you *must* use force to get the glass off the display, but the more force you use, the more likely you are to injure yourself, the glass, or both.

Also: it's not explicitly stated, but you must save as much of that old glue as possible, because that's what keeps the new display in place. No replacement glue is offered.

Everything else about the installation is very easy: open up, undo two screws, unplug. Really. That's it. Taking the glass off the old display is 80% of the job; once you get that done (and despite being a sweaty nerve-wracking experience, I did manage it), you simply reassemble and -- voila! -- nicely lit screen. oooooo!

Just got a TX7 last month, and I'd like to backlight that as well. But doing the DX21 was so uncomfortable, I hesitate ... Maybe it was just that one unit that was particularly difficult ....