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Regardless of the plane of the Blumlein pair, the included angle is still 90 deg in that plane.
There will also be some pick-up “above” and “below” the plane but this will roll off quickly away from the plane as fig8’s have the highest directivity/side-rejection of any mic pattern.
This can be useful in reducing bleed from nearby sound sources. Also bleed from any sound sources ( and esp. those with primarily low frequencies) located in the anti-phase regions will also tend to be reduced.
(eg I was micing a choir in the chancel of a church with organ pipes on either side of the chancel in the ideal spot where I wanted to place my Soundfield mic to capture the choir. As expected the organ bleed was quite substantially reduced with a Blumlein decode vs xy cardiod decode. The organ and ambience were captured with other mics at the front of the Nave.

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