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Originally Posted by Brent Hahn View Post
Love the ones with the hard hat. Do they do a goalie mask?
Goalie Mask, yes, they call it the "JASON" !!! haha

and you could just Jump up in the Air when you want check your mix so your body is not coupling to the building .. !!! but Air Pressure can be a PITA .. we did a recent Live Stream form Sound Stage in Van Nuys ... one of the Cameras was vibrating during show but was NOT during SoundCheck / Reheearsals ... we were all expecting a little vibratioin and had already dealt with the Platform / Tripods by adding that Rubber you get from Big 5 for Gym Floors ... that helps 2 of 3 cameras .. but one was literally getting Blasted by Air Pressure everytime a song had "G" note .. that Big Ugly Wave just smacked right into the camera .. brutal .. and the Yelling in the Truck while we were sussing through it ... that was Nasty !!! haha

Folkie, thx for the AUDIO only DC link .. for some reason i could not find that one ..

cheers john