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BALLZ come first.

This is ENTERTAINMENT...not math class,

Have something...ANYTHING that you are sure is entertaining.

That thing is usually NOT a chord progression or a melody, it's a's the "Verve" the "Je ne c'est quoi" that makes YOUR "Thing" a thing to begin with. Not just another of the countless functional re-treads that don't leave the slightest bowl smear while completing their "farewell victory lap" on the way to your local drinking water treatment facility.

Adam Mitchell is a guy who was known for co/writing some pretty good KISS songs and working with other major artists.

He teaches songwriting workshops and had a quote to the effect of "Piss on your pissant chords and melody, I could write the same thing 500 times during my mourning crap, and so could anyone else...What's your IDEA?!?"

It reminds me of my own rule: "Ok, so I've got "stuff" What's the ANGLE? would I buy this?"

Does my song make other writers ashamed when they hear it? God knows I've felt the shame many a time when I've neglected this rule.

For this reason, it can be very helpful, should you use co/writers to write with a non-musician, they don't care about crap, your progression, your cool bridge, your slick "out of scale" yet oddly consonant melody...They DON'T CARE...All they care about is whether you move the needle, and working with people who know jack squat teaches you that what moves the needle is often not what "Musicians" care about.
This is so dead on. But I'm not even sure you need much of an idea. Eight repeating notes and yelling "Tequila" every so often isn't exactly an idea, but it sure is entertaining. And it sold a bunch.