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Browsing the Genelec site they note when level aligning:

I'm interpreting this as, if aligning a small room to 83dBSPL (for example) one should aim to hit 81dBSPL(C) on a slow averaging SPL meter? First time I've seen this adjustment mentioned. In other people's experience is this good advice?
This means if doing a sub/sat alignment where you use band-limited pink noise for the sat component, measure for 2 dB down because the added effect when you include the sub component (also done with band-limited pink noise but LPF now for the range covered by the sub), there will be an increase to the overall level by +2dB when using non-band-limited (full range) pink noise to check the whole system (sub+sat per channel.)

If you are using full range speakers with full range pink noise, this wouldn't apply to you. You go to the regular level. This only applies when using band-limited pink noise.