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Ok so the last month has been a bit of an adventure-

Our GC lost his license (will fill in more details when we get the CO ) But we never got a stop work order so progress marches on.

First we finished installing all the cavity insulation. This is an absurd amount of insulation, where the building roof is highest over the inner rooms, there is as much as R180. My inspector wanted it stuffed for fire, and I don't mind at all to absorb whatever sound is up there. Also it stays amazingly cool on hot days in there now-

We also started building baffle boxes for fresh air, these are setup to be double the cross sectional area of the ducts on either side after 2" duct liner is installed. There are 4 like this for the control rooms-

Then drill holes for the ducts to go through the walls-

This is a pain because there is a 3/4" OSB rim joist, and 3 layers of drywall. The hole saw wants to catch and it hurts with it twists. We finally got smart and put a 2' piece of metal conduit over the handle to get more leverage.

And then use some timberlocks to bolt these up going through all the drywall and into the studs. These have to be strong because there will be 4 layers of OSB/Drywall in total. With 6 timberlocks on it 2 of us can do pull-ups on there so that will do.

We also finished out all the drywall, except the cieling of booth 2, which is awaiting an inspection after the first layer before we can do the other 3. At this point I thought my 1st GC could work things out with the city, but that ultimately fell through. A little bit over 800 sheets of 5/8" in total. That's about 60,000 lbs of drywall and 25600 sf!

We also built out frames and soffits for bass traps

And got some paint, and some of the inside out insulation in-

Because the entire cavity above the inner framing is completely filled with insulation, I did a quick isolation test with a drumset and decided to cover the middle of the room, and the farthest parts from the other rooms with MLV. This will then have a small frame below which would give me the option to cover with drywall later if isolation isn't enough. But I think it will be from the test, and this way the big room can use that 2-3 feet of insulation above as a giant bass trap. I could go on about this, but I'm 99% sure this will work for us and have the option to close it up later if not.

Here is some 2lb stuff starting, this is a pain in the ass hanging it on the ceiling.

Here is what it looks like all done. We used the drywall hoist and found that if you attach it to a 2x4 first it helps a lot. That said, this job sucks and I'm not sure I would do it Everything in studio building is so damn heavy.

Speaking of heavy we also got all 6 doors hung. Oof. 4 of them are Isodoor LF's that are just shy of 400lbs, and 2 Isodoor Vs at a feathery 260lbs

Getting pretty close to being caught up to real time here, it's actually very encouraging looking over these pics and seeing how much we have gotten done. We're all getting to the point where we want to be done with this project...