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Jesper you're probably speaking to a group of the most hard-nosed nullers who were nulling before your students were born. And I mean that as a compliment all around.

I could see if we're dealing with a simple audio app or utility that does less than a few processing operations, but for me, a project from beginning to end created in Reaper will definitely sound different than Studio One or Pro Tools or whatever. The workflow will take me to different places and little half decibels here and there will add up to a different mix. Just one creative choice inspired by one DAW over another will change the end.

I remember the null tests of old, where every DAW exported a track that nulled. But do anything beyond saving to file and the analysis changed considerably due to every factor that processed "audio" and one company's edge over another in module evolution.

I think it's a good thing you're doing this test, but I'm in that group that says Expectation Bias and other biases that help, however placebo, are a good thing if it helps you get the result you want or the fun of creating it, or the standardization of your target audience's needs. The expectation bias for Studio One is that it's a very direct path to getting musical ideas digitized ASAP vs others that are (IMO) considered more difficult.

Still I'm just rambling and thinking out loud more than screaming proclamations from the mountain top

It'll be interesting to see the results.