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Here for the gear
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[QUOTE=SYXCKO;14135853]To get a top 40 sound you need gear. period.

To compete with the top 40. You NEED expensive gear & an expensive acoustic environment. Show me a top 40 song made on a scarlet solo and a rode nt1 or anything that wasn't made on a $10,000-$100,000+ setup in this last decade or hell since the year 2000.

and etc etc etc

There are a millions ways to make a good living in music that have nothing to do with the "top 40".

Here are my suggestions:
1. Stop trying to be an overnight success.
2. Practice. I have practiced 3-5 hours a day since I was 12. Music is hard work.
3. Doing number 2 is the equalizer you seek.
4. Grow up.

Sorry number 4 seems harsh, but life is life. Not everybody makes it. And I dont know ANYONE who has made it without working their ass off.