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Yes, you would.

And no, they are NOT "Just an arrangement" YOU are STEALING someone else's composition.

..Let me reiterate if you do this and do not give the original writer's ALL
the appropriate credit (You do not get to "Re-write" someone else's song and call yourself a co-writer, the writers of the ORIGINAL get to choose who, if anyone gets added to a future version's compositional credits)...


Try and explore the limits of your OWN talent, do not try and blood-suck the fruits of someone else's.
That’s being a bit heavy-handed. The OP
asked an innocent question. He’s not
a criminal.

Here is the deal..ALL successful songwriters
and producers “borrow” from previously
recorded pop hits. Why? Because with
close to a billion songs out there for download,
you have to capture people’s attention
with something familiar, if you want some
financial success. If you are just doing
music for art’s sake, then you don’t need
to be that concerned about anything
other than doing what you feel like doing.

Music does not exist in a vacuum. ALL music
borrows or steals from music that came
before it. John Williams stole plenty from
earlier composers works when he wrote
the music for Star Wars and Close Encounters.
Aerosmith’s Walk This Way riff is based
on old songs by the Meters.

The trick is to take what you steal and turn
it around enough so u don’t get sued.
Sadly, with the latest decision about Katy
Perry’s song “Dark Horse”, we have gone
where copyright infringement did not dare
go basic music building blocks.
Flame stole his beat and synth lines from
somewhere else and then sued Dr. Luke
for stealing what Flame himself had
already stolen.

Not good news for songwriters and music
producers. At any rate, I say go ahead
and use what you want, because the
chances of you having a gigantic hit
song are extremely remote.