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The music game isn't gonna be respected until everyone has the same chance.

To get a top 40 sound you need gear. period.

To compete with the top 40. You NEED expensive gear & an expensive acoustic environment. Show me a top 40 song made on a scarlet solo and a rode nt1 or anything that wasn't made on a $10,000-$100,000+ setup in this last decade or hell since the year 2000.

The goal should be whether you are a beginner or a pro is to make money from music. Not get a pat on the back from friends and your mother and turn a few heads because it sounds decent or better than what an absolute beginner would produce. If you are going to spend money make sure it can bring you closer to a top 40 sound because those are the ONLY people making money. PERIOD.
Competing with the top 40 should be the goal from the start of your career to the finish!

The people who are successful in the music industry consist of four types of people.

-Privileged rich kids (major labels) disguising they are not
-Friends of privileged rich kids (major labels) who may get signed disguising they are not
-Drug dealers
-Friends of drug dealers.

Those are the only people that can afford the gear not even to mention the marketing etc....

Then every now and then one of regular normal people like us slips in and gets in one of there circles.

This game is bs if you ask me. You telling me the only way I can get a top 40 sound, compete, and make money off my music is to get lucky and network my way into a rich circle or start selling drugs or go into debt for audio equipment (that will only be one of the many expensive gear pieces I need anyways)?!

99% of people in this country especially at the age of 18-27 cannot afford the gear that is necessary to compete with the people in the top 40.

It's not like the common person can just consistently book studio time either. Studios that have great gear and know what they are doing and are plugged in the circle are often hard to find not to mention the $1,000-$4,000 rate they charge for projects....

If you think about it the music industry is missing out on so many greats. We are only hearing the ideas of the people who are willing risk their freedom and potentially hurt others (drug dealers) and privileged kids (who aren't like the majority of the people they are making music for and about.)

Because they are the only people who can afford it.

They flaunt their money they made off of us in which they off of us by getting us to buy into the false dreams they sell to us. While simultaneously poising the minds of regular men and women like us getting us to look down at each other for not being like them and what ever other ideology they mainstream.

The NBA and NFL is respected because no matter where you come from. EVERYONE for the most part has the same chance to get on that field and compete.

The music game is pay to play. I can't respect that. Yes the top 40 artist are good. But look at all the money and gear they have compared to the average person. That isn't fair. For all I know there is someone out there that if given the same gear and had exactly what they had they would produce something that blows all these guys out the waters. Hell if they spent $10,000-$100,000 and they didn't make something that was amazing it would be embarrassing tbh....

I believe this even more listening to mainstream music and production these days because it isn't even good compared to what it was years ago. It's all just high fidelity and clean sounding crafted with the best gear and most expensive rooms on the planet so of course it is going to sound good.

What I am saying is the song creation lyric writing and production process is the only thing that should separate one another when potential fans listen. Not the sonic characteristics and quality. To get a top 40 sound with the best outboard, ssl, and mics should not cost as much as it does. It shouldn't be out the hands of less fortunate people. It isn't right.