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Anxiety while waiting the mix feedback

Hello guys !!!

I've been doing this mixing thing for almost 20 years, it's been 17 years since my first mix was released, and I'm mixing professionally full time last 10 years.

As time flies, I'm getting more known and more popular clients.

98% of the mixes I send are approved, of course some minor revisions are always there, but 98% of the time people like it. And also, more importantly people keep coming back, I have very high rate of people coming back, which I mostly think is due to my commitment to make clients feel happy and safe.

My question is clear, the one in the topic, even after 17 years of mixing, and thousands songs, I still have big anxiety while sending the mix and waiting the clients response, even though I know that 98% of time it'll be approved

The reason why I'm asking this in audio board, and not in some psychiatry board is because I read Andrew Scheps saying this:

"...The other is my never ending self-doubt and lack of self-confidence. I sent a mix off yesterday and had the exact same adrenaline rush as I did when I first started."

Is this a thing with all of you guys, or majority of you, or some of you ?

Or should I (and Andrew also) go see a shrink ?

Let's go :D