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TX7 display with backlight

Hello to everyone! i am new here in gearslutz (the name says it all ).
I keep following these forums and i always found very valuable information about synths, Music production etc, and for that i say THANK YOU to EVERYONE here who posts information, thoughts and opinions. Sharing knowledge is only good, never fails.
Thank you gearslutz for existing!

Now for the subject here:
I recently bought a TX7 (always wanted a Yamaha FM-synthesis hardware to fiddle with..), because i got nostalgic of my younger years at school and the music vibes of the new thing called DX7..
After i got the TX7, i could not leave it alone , so i replaced the stock display with a module with a led backlight (black on green so that it is a pair with my SY85 green display).. All went well, and i powered the LED backlight from a +5Volt connector that says "test" at the adjacent PCB.
Now i can use the TX7 in my dark studio, too !

One thing i noticed when i power up the TX7 is a short "clik" sound , like a relay is opened (i don't remember that clik when it had the stock non-lit display on).
Is this normal? Is there some kind of relay or auto-switch on the TX7's power supply that activates now that i have connected a cable at the +5volt socket?
Should i worry???

Please advise...
Thanks in advance