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I didn't demo against Sugar because I'm sure Sugar sounds great! The reason I didn't and I could be wrong is you can pinpoint the Q in Spectre where as with sugar it's more a broad 'push'. Suagr has a sweet GUI...but Spectre looks great, sounds great and has mind boggling functionality.

Key feature to get the most out of Spectre in my experience is the input output stage and of course the mix knob. You can set the mix to 100% to hear just the distortion/drive being added.

Really great plug.
Pinpoint is the perfect word for Spectre; with Sugar when I demoed (months back), it was more of a hit or miss affair with it's "broad and general" approach to just making things sound nice without harming anything. With Spectre I can really dig in.

The one thing I'm still wrapping my head around is de-emphasis. Finding the right balance between input/output, mode (subtle to aggressive) and de-emphasis is kind of a hard but fun balance to strike. If I enable de-emphasis, then I find myself wanting a little more driven/less subtle distortion and vice versa.

I'm re-mastering a friend's track from 1989 and Spectre, with even subtle settings, completely brought the track to life. He said the bass sounded like it was re-tracked. The bottom end punch on the low end in ear buds was amazing. The original track sounds lifeless and anemic now in comparison and the amazing thing is, the Spectre version isn't cooked or fried or slammed -- it all sounds natural and effortless. Really amazing plugin.