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Old 5th August 2019
Headphone mixes: playback vs overdubbing workflow

I'm not technically a newbie but I feel like my headphone process is

I've got a Furman unit for headphones and PT 2019 (not HD) with a UA Apollo. To run headphones, I send pre-fader sends to the Apollo's outputs which are patched to the Furman inputs. All normal, right?

But—when overdubbing or fast tracking it's a pain in the rear. To listen to a mix, I have to turn on delay compensation, set hardware buffer to 1024, activate plugins. Then, if someone want to overdub, I'm manually deactivating plugins, setting the hardware buffer to 128, turning off delay compensation.

Is there a better way? Using UA's console isn't an option because it doesn't allow for "auto-input" style overdubbing; that is, listening to playback until PT is recording, then listening to the input.

What I highly prefer is to keep the "real" mix available while low latency feeds are sent to the Furman. Not sure if I can do this with a native PT.

Thanks for any advice!