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I don't want to say since LA is a very small town. Also, it's kind of a miracle that the place exists in the first place. But it's a miracle that could use a tweak or two.
no worries, fully understood .. i sent you a PM in case you would like some help .. the Dave Clarks are fantastic in this regard ... i give them to Camera Operators for Concert Shoots .. and they are either On-Stage, in the Pit, or right in front of the PA stack in some cases .. and they help take some of that low end out of the equation due to the Great Seal they make on your Head ... you could rent a Pair for a Day / Week and see how those work for you

the Noise Cancelling is some of the best i have heard and does not seem to alter the sound ...

cheers john

some info for you ... (these are stylish) !!!!

these are the ones - put whatever connector you need .. if you do not need the microphone you can just swing it out of the way ..

i was looking to see if any of the rental houses have these .. VER has them .. would just need to figure out the connectors / adapters you would need ..

EDIT: Location Sound does not seem to have them .. Trew Might (old Coffey sound)