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I had a push 2 for a while. I don't get the raves anymore because you simply can't work in arrange mode with it. So basically it's composing parts in session mode only. Once you go to arrange mode it doesn't really have the functionality anymore.

I guess I don't really understand Session mode enough. I did some Ableton courses and the teacher would make a simple looping beat with a few variations in it. But it was basically copy paste house music. What if you wanted a LPF to sweep over the course of 2 minutes or something?

For me session mode is where I come up with a couple of big loop ideas for an A and a B section and then I record those into arrange mode and do most of my work in there. Am I missing something? It just seems like Session mode can be rather limiting and that's the only mode that the Push is really meant for.
Exactly !
What you can do is to record your "performance" with all the realtime controller automation you want into the arrangement view - for as long time you want.
Then go to arrange view - select the duration in time - and then rightclick and choose "Consolidate to New Scene".
Puts everything back into seesion view in a new scene INCLUDING all of your controller data
I almost shed tears of joy when I found out - true story bro - comming from time Linear DAWs for years and years - these kind of things was exactly what I was looking for in workflow and possibilities

Anyways, this particular feature/workflow REALLY calls for something like multiple arrangement views in Live or "Clipboards" if you will - which Live doesnt have as of now, of cause.