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Yea that's a big reason I strayed away from them. Yes with step length per pattern/track you can make poly rhythms but it always lends itself to being four on the floor, exceedingly overpriced and they release things half finished relative to their final lifecycle update... I had a Digitone at the time the major update was released alongside the Digitone Keys. I remember reading a comment about them being GAS machines and I'd have to agree, they're nothing like they used to be... I wish I was around for the Monomachine and Machindrum...

If I'm just going to be doing four on the floor 90% of the time I'd rather snag a TR-8S and perform with it. My biggest influence electronically is Daft Punk.

The second problem is, if everything is "experimental" these days, that means nothing really is experimental anymore. I'm looking to get back to the basics of being a good performer/musician rather than letting the gear rule me. Just ordered a Fender Strat, really excited to have a new guitar for the first time in 12+ years. Now I'm saving for a Kemper while I use Line 6 Helix Native plugin...

If I snag the TR-8S that'd leave me to get the Elektron Analog Heat which could be the ultimate combo, even though that's the most overpriced Elektron box I can think of.... sigh.

The Roland SE-02 is actually the only synth I have right now, I sold off everything I had besides recording stuff like monitors and interfaces... This was the last to go but I got it new for $250... Might just keep it since it has a song mode and sounds very thick with a nice sequencer.
You'll be very disappointed in the Analog Heat...It is not what it appears to be...nor provides the sounds it implies it does.

You've been warned.