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Here for the gear

I recently found the RODE Wireless GO and it looked amazing and seemed to fit my needs for a compact wireless system with USB mixer to record all wireless microphones separate. After some research it has problems with obstacles. Here is what I have found.

First video I found. and shows RODE Wireless GO has a big problem here.

At 6.08 when he looks back for a short time the Rode is clipping. 20 meters? Cuts out at 7.10 when turning around. 7.22 turns around and loss of signal. 10 meters?

At 18 yards/16 meters RODE clips.

XSW-D works better then RODE Wireless GO. Line of sight is about the same in specifications but Sennheiser XSW-D better with some obstacles. Is there any comparisons of these two kits?

Found a test of Sennheiser XSW-D and it seems better then RODE Wireless GO. The difference is that RODE test it was against chest and in this it was in the hand. First cut out at around 30 meters?

Sennheiser AVX vs XSW-D. XSW-D cuts first time at 40 meters then later comments in video about 30 meters. AVX works over 100 meters.