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ok. no absolute rules, but generally for vocals and an 1176 to tape you Should be on the 4 /1 setting.

i find a slow/meduim attack and a fast release works well. remember slow/medium attack on an 1176 is actually pretty fast.

10/1 is too high for general vocal tracking. you do want to retain some dynamics in the performance.

when pro guys track through an 1176 its usually 4 to 1 to tape, and 4 to 1 off tape (mixing into the console)
so you get 2 goes at it. personally i have never gone higher ratios than that.

yes make up gain is normal, and the process of compression plus make up gain results in higher RMS levels, so your recorded signal will be louder and more even in volume than uncompressed signal.

if you look at the DAW waveforms you will see it easily with your eyes if yo do an A/B

hope that helps. Buddha