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So I can only speak of my overall love for the A&H SQ series in general. I just got one to replace a Presonus SL24AI (which I was NEVER happy with for a number of reasons) and the SQ6 is an awesome tool. For me, being able to connect to my Dante network at 96k was the most important ability, which it does, perfectly.

But as I use it, it has quickly become obvious that it is a very intuitive panel, sounds great, has a ton of patching options, good native EFX and some special optional plug-in that work really well.

I have tried the USB recording function, and it seemed to work as advertised, but I won't ever use it because I have dedicated recorders on the network, so I can't really speak to that function for day in, day out use.

For what it's worth, A&H customer service, and especially the user forums are well behaved, kind to newbies and populated with A&H tech support staff. All a really good way to have questions answered and problems solved.

I certainly can highly recommend this panel. It rocks!