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The cost is two conversions. If your conversion is good, then it will not matter.

The downside of compressing on the way in is that when you EQ, you are using that one a compressed signal. It sounds more natural to EQ before you compress. You gain more leverage over the signal by compressing first.

If you want to compress on the way in, sure, there is no problem with that. Just know what you are trading off. You gain color for commitment.

Compressing on the way in is a very common practice so that the color of the compressor is part of the track after your all in the box.

I personally believe you should EQ then compress than convert if you have the time to dial things in and know what you are doing. Have to have a great analog EQ for that.

The safe method is to capture everything direct from the preamp. Then you can play with the signal and dial it in when you are not trying to capture a performance.

Since you are asking. I suggest capturing things clean and bounce it later.

Level/Gain staging. This is about getting a decent level at the converters. I shoot for -20 to -10 range on the converters. Leaving 10+ for headroom all the time. If you want to run a preamp hot for it's sound, you may want some pads between the preamp and converters. Very common practice with hot API preamps. I have never used a real 1073, so I can't comment on that unit.