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Old 5th August 2019
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U87 Tracking - Compression on the way in

Just a hypothetical scenario. I’m new to outboard gear but I’m far from lost.

Say I’m tracking a U87 through a neve clone (1073/1272) and I have both an 1176 and LA-2A hardware compressors at my disposal.

First : Is there any difference in compressing the signal through both units before hitting the DAW and recording it straight to DAW and then sending it back out through the hardware and back into the DAW? If there is no difference than there is no reason someone learning like me shouldn’t just record straight to DAW first to ensure I have a clean file I didn’t potentially screw up by compressing on the way right?

Second: in order to get the type of coloration sought when recording through neve preamps how should I be driving the signal on the preamps as far as gain level and the output knobs are concerned and in a perfect world at what level should I be coming into the DAW at? And would this level be different if I chose to hit both comps on the way in?

Thanks so much in advance