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that's on the hot side for a close mic piano recording as they are capable of producing estonishing transient peaks - how close was that?

i mostly keep lufs of my mixes lower; depends on the repertoire a bit though.
It had to be a placement right at the side of the piano in the curve with lid up. Otherwise the room sound would have spoilt the recording. I kept lots of headroom as I agree it is on the hot side, and in a good acoustic I would have used the mic's at at least 4-5 feet away.

At an earlier recording in a church here in London I had the mics at about 4 feet and it worked well even with cheap AT mics, a long time ago. The mics on this occasion pointed up to reduce the highs on the capsule as they are really intended for the far field.

I might get hold of a pair of OM1's as they are cheap, and try them, as I've heard a lot of good things about them.

I might use -20 LUF's as I understand that it's more appropriate for classical music. Or maybe -16?

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