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Here for the gear

I am currently #6 on the ReverbNation charts in all genres worldwide.

It has taken me almost ten years to get there.

No, I did not pay ReverbNation to put me there. I pay only for a monthly subscription and that is it. And for that subscription I get a website they made for me and they allow me to release a few albums a year. There are a few other really nice perks.

I believe when you buy ads they actually freeze your place on the charts so the ad buy will not unfairly influence the charts. So you cannot buy your way to the top.

I do not spam people with my music that does not work at all.

What does work? Well it takes being there for ten years to learn that.

It takes having a large presence on all the social networks, it takes having a lot of songs that you have worked to make. It takes constantly communicating with your fans every day so they check back in. It takes having a personality so it is not only about music but about the whole artist.

A lot of people are weary about putting "all" of their music on ReverbNation and that is why most artists don't make it high on the charts.

Because they are profit driven and not fan driven. If you cannot get fortune well you might consider settling for fame instead.

So their music languishes in obscurity because they only upload one to three songs.

There may be artists who have better music than me but they have only one song there and once people have heard that song well, it is old hat. It takes thousands of listens... And people who are already famous do not put their songs there free to stream. They generally only care about money...

Reverbnation is about exposure of your music not necessarily about selling your music. They do sell music and I have sold music there but I have picked up a lot of fans there and it is a music "community".

The proprietary algorithm that ReverbNation uses is quite complex.

The algorithm takes many factors into consideration and so it takes being "everything" and most artists do not put the effort into several vital areas.

It is not just about having a few good songs. If that is the case you may get picked up by a label who finds you on ReverbNation and if you have a huge following well you really do not need a label then.

Most labels are looking for young very talented people who can also pay for their services.

If you are not in that demographic then you have to work like hell to place on the charts and frankly 90% of most musicians are lazy and have so many hangups and making their own music is full of obstacle that many musicians give up.

You have to sometimes play all the instruments in your songs, write and compose a ton of them, sing really well, learn DAWs, computers, music fundamentals, theory and record and master, spend an enormous amount of time editing your music. Your music has to really be good or you need to have a personality that is so magnetic that people don't really care that your music is not that refined.

You have to bring many big things to the table, fans, music, charisma, willingness to check in every day and become a power user of the site. To learn the subtle ins and outs and publish albums through them also so that they appear on YouTube and in all the music stores.

Some people talk discouraging about Reverbnation and they make a lot of incorrect assumptions.

It is not just about music but also about dedication to fans. Putting out new music on a regular basis.

How many listens are you really going to get if you only have three songs up there? If you have lots of songs you then have potential for lots of listens...

Rarely a day goes by that I do not spend a great deal of time on ReverbNation's website. Do you have a good artist's bio? Do you have a good review from a third party venue or music mogul?

Do you reach out to other ReverbNation members and friend them? Do you leave nice comments on their music? Do you play out live? Do you have nice photos and artwork for each song release, did you post the lyrics for each song?

Do you also like other ReverbNation members on Twitter?

Yea, it takes work and not just a nice song or two to make it high up on the ReverbNation charts.

Now, a nice song or two can get you a record deal or a radio station may play them but it takes more than that to move up the charts. It take a ton of dedication and hard work and frankly many musicians are in it for the money, sex and drugs and the music is actually quite low down on their priority list. Music is a full-time job and you have to facilitate your life so you can accomplish that objective. There are 4.5 million subscribers on ReverbNation but it is not impossible to become what it takes to reach #1 .

Check out my songs at Peace and love peeps! See you at the top!

My music may not be your style of music but out of over 200 of my original songs of varying genres, people are bound to like at least one of them.