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Two little questions re the Quantem:

* Do you think that Presonus will continue to support it for a long time (like RME do) when it goes out of production and they release the next model?
* Does it work well with the Apple Thunderbolt 2 to 3 converter or do you need to pay more for the Startech adapter?

Asking as a Clarett owner who is considering their next upgrade soon. I'm on a PC with the Gigabyte Thunderbolt AIC and have already purchased the Apple adapter which works perfectly with the Clarett.

Huge thanks
As far as I know Presonus is been taking care to marry software and hardware very well to all their products.
Something that make them quite apart from other companies.
In matter of fact, is amazing how well the Quantum works with Studio One.
The interface is fully integrated in their DAW and you almost don't have to set Preferences because you control the Quantum directly within Studio One (very neat).
as i said, this thunderbolt driver is phenomenal
if you have a fast processor in your computer you can then go as low as 16 samples.. it's quite remarkable

in regards to the thunderbolt adapter, i might say that it all depends of the motherboard of your pc
i got the quantum connected to a NUC Hades and i have both adapters (startech and apple)
with my computer the quantum works perfectly with both adapters and apple thunderbolt cable
but send an email to presonus and check with them too!