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Actually, (as far as I know) they are NOT the same. Ozone is a standard exciter that saturates/distorts the entire signal. On the other hand, as the developer stated in this thread, “Spectre saturates the difference between the EQ signal and the original signal.” The difference between Spectre and other more traditional exciters/saturators is night and day. Spectre is able to add a sheen the others cannot.
I see but wouldn't using the mix slider on each Ozone Exciter band achieve the same if not similar thing to Spectre? Trying to convince myself not to spend more money.

The presets don't appear to work in Ableton. I can open the presets folder and see the various presets but cannot load them. Any other Ableton user able to confirm please?

How does changing the subtle, medium & aggressive mode differ to just dialling up the mix amount more?

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