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A lot of the most successful music, in general, has been stuff that doesn't follow genre orthodoxy, especially not in the manner of aping some template. --and that's how we get to stuff like house music in the first place.
Yep. That’s the risk/reward cost/benefit decision to make.

If you want to write a piece that will appeal to fans of Beethoven, and do a bunch of things that Beethoven wouldn’t do, then you won’t hit your goal of appealing to Beethoven fans. (This is what traditional music theory teaches.) But of course there’s always the shot at finding success elsewhere.

That’s where “know the rules to effectively break them” comes into play. Those that know house music (or rock, jazz, whatever defined and existing genre of music) inside out know how to experiment in ways that will maintain appeal, and thus their work will shift the cultural zeitgeist instead of landing completely outside of it (into irrelevance). Those “breaking rules” because they don’t even know what the rules are, or aren’t even capable of following rules because their skill/craft level is undeveloped (most people use breaking rules to rationalize a lower ability level ime), tend to just end up irrelevant.

The Beatles expanding to include sitar was done in a way that fit within the rock genre and shifted the cultural zeitgeist, and thus rock fans found appeal in the sound of a sitar. Where, say, a four-piece sitar act with singer wouldn’t be considered rock or gain the interest of rock fans. There’s that zeitgeist pocket to hit.