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DAW summing test? Do they sound different?

one of my student asked, just before the summer, which DAW to buy - and which DAW sounded the best?
My first instinct was to answer that they all sound the same, since I personally haven't really heard any difference between the ones I've used - like Cubase, Studio One, Pro Tools, Reaper and Logic among others. But since I know there are people in the industry that claim they sound different I thought I'd do a little blind comparison between a few DAWs.

The test is quite simple. I'm taking stems from mixes/half mixes and dragging them into different DAWs, then I'm bouncing them straight away as a single stereo output file. Everything is done in 48/24.

I'm not gonna say which DAW is which, until after the test is done.

I've used 30 second parts from two different type of songs. "In Time" is a little bit low in volume (mix levels), but decided to let it stay that way since it's all about not changing anything - only summing in different DAWs.

Please listen and write a comment!

Can you hear anything different between the takes? If so, what?

Had a YouTube test up, but removed it as I found out it was redundant. Another 3 part video about this was already made by Vintique Sound. Great example of how expectation bias plays a huge role. Check that out if you want. Greatly done.

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