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Old 3rd August 2019
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Need help with vocal's reverb, in order for mixes to sound good even on smartphones

Hello, i do YouTube covers as a hobby.

I always had a problem putting the right reverb on vocals. The main reason was that, it could sound very full and balanced on my monitor headphones, but on smartphone speakers, the vocals sound dry, weak, and in your face. If i increase the reverb's volume, i don't like that i can hear it so easily, and also makes me feel like that my voice is dependent on it.

Lately i found a very neat trick, to EQ the reverb with a low and high cut like this, which allows me to raise the reverb's volume without being to reverby. Here is my latest cover where i used a medium plate on vocals, but had very hard time selecting the right amount of reverb to make it sound good on smartphones, but this trick saved me. Do you have any advice?