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Ok, here's the first mixdown (no processing) of an excerpt from the Britten Rejoice in the Lamb in the Cathedral. I used the 4 mic array, with the 4003's down by 3.5dB, and the MRP-01 ribbons in the parallel figure-8 array 1.2dB down. No soloist mic or Superlux ribbons. The Recording Tools MRP-01 has great low end response - almost as good as my 4003 omni's! Listen to the pedal notes. Those inexpensive ribbons have balls!

I can post this clip with just the 4 mic array or just the figure-8 array (one pair at a time).

I was at least 4m back with the 4 mic array and 8m with the figure-8. Now that I hear it, I could have been another 2-3m back with the front array, but I was already behind the conductor's platform and 4 rows into the pews. The riser arrangement was odd, in that because of the limited space they were layed out in an open "V" rather than a semi-circle. This accounts for the more drastic left/right spread of the choir.
I wonder if the MRP-01 is actually the same mic as the 'guitar amp-intended' CAD D82 ? Modern pipeorgan