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Thanks all. It was a first try with ribbons on a big organ, and I'm pleased with the result, though not sure about the really low bass [eq. might be an option, it *is* there, just (too) quiet].
Choosing the sidebyside micsetup was indeed as rolo46 says to have MID as 'free' as possible (and for portability), that SIDE doesn't seem to be bothered with it is a nice suprise.
Doing a little cross-comparison and guesswork, the MRP-01 mic looks a lot like the CAD D82 ribbon. The form factor is very reminiscent of the Sennheiser dynamics aimed at hanging over the front of guitar amps. The following review very much supports that usage contention, and it's built to withstand the high SPL's you'd expect to find there. A significant reason for this is the ribbon thickness: 8 microns. That's a whole lot thicker than the typical 0.8 to 1.8 or 2.5 microns of the medium to higher priced ribbons.

Given the low street price of both the MRP-01 and the CAD D82 I'd guess they're both identically Chinese sourced ? The review mentions that the sound when used at the front grille of an amp is very thick and bass heavy, and becomes acceptable either a few feet away, or with considerable bass roll off, which is not unexpected.

If the 2 mics are indeed virtually identical, this bass heaviness-proximity effect might explain how the MRP-01 can operate at typical classical concert distances and still be praised for sufficient bass 'weight' These "ruggedness characteristics" could go quite some way to explain why the MRP is praised for its performance in an acoustic concert (or organ recital) setting ?

Are there any specs published related to the MRP's ribbon thickness, which might confirm or refute these guesses ?

Oh yeah....that CAD D82 review: