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LOL - OK I get that the title will start some kind of flame wars. Go at it kids. PS - Uli Behringer serves to get many people into hardware that otherwise could not afford it. This benefits the industry as a whole in my opinion.
yeah whilst bombarding forums with dream products years before they even exist outside of his head .

What i love is how Behringer is a not for profit organisation and does this to save poor people , the church of behringer.

The industry i think the company needs to prove something to but never will as its built on quicksand and a ton of ego tripping and goading other companies in a pretty childish kind of way.

Why cant they act like other companies and just release product news when its close to release or same timeframe as others,

The endless spamming on this forum by behringer shills made this place look like a sellout

any negative post against the company gets moved , did he buy the forum ? looks like it.

weak , yeah free speech.....nah , not if it upsets the wrong people.

the endless speculation might serve to keep the company in some sycophantic limelight but it does slowly turn a forum like here into a one stop shop for behringer love ins and cult news , i would personally change the name of the forum to ulislutz or something .

all looks really needy to me and like this place sold its arse and i think we all know it has.