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RE: Lucids

Originally posted by faeflora
Vapor like the 192khz digidesign converter?
I haven't tried it. Read lots and am curious though. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a luddite - just cautious.


I like it. I need to a/b it to the Mytek I just got. Sonically, it beat a RME ADI-pro(sold) which beat a MOTU 2408mkII. Specifically, I like the big, fat, bright meters. I also like how I can configure it remotely and don't have to deal with dipswitchage.

I saw on your website that you wrote-

What do you mean by route with it?
I was having tons of problems with it, which turned out to be related to the configuration program. Changes not happening, midi traffic jams, clocking changes not happening, etc.

I've ended up resorting to using the dip-switches. It probably was just some sort of OMS problem that I couldn't track down.

But, the dipswitches don't cover all the bases - like if you want AES routed to lightpipe 1/2, and analog to 3-8 you have to use the program unless I'm missing something.

Sonically I'm quite happy with it, although I don't find that it has the magic that the HEDD has. I also wish it would dither to 16 bits.

The various routing options seem well thought out, despite the problems I was having which are probably specific to my system. I also like the metering.