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Everybody have an idea of what they like and want for themselves which is great, but I would never presume to tell others what to play and how to listen the music they like. I'm also always baffled when people make comments about situations when they don't know the story/facts behind the decisions that were made. This is a tricky thing because of the amount of variables involved and hence the amount of decisions that have to be made.

When I am hired to mix a record or live sound for a band I do so in accordance with the wishes and preferences of the band. I work with a lot of different styles of music, from traditional African musicians playing only homemade instruments to guitar heavy blues rock and electronic music, and I'm fairly confident that people who pay a lot of money to see a concert with 100,000 other people on a beach, probably don't want the illusion of sitting in their living room with someone playing an acoustic guitar and singing ballads.

I too don't understand the relevance of some of the comments being made here, it hasn't even been established that the band (or some musicians) is/are too loud