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Not sure EDM is responsible for the steadily-rising GS membership as much as the DAW; that is the tech that has increased the number of home-studio users - at the same time the professional industry has shrunk.
I prefer to see it as a renaissance of creative literacy; valuable transferrable skills.

One demographic shift over the past 10 years is the prevalence of software over hardware.

Re: Uri..whatever ones opinions there is no entitlement to be rude to forum members. As anyone who has tried to build gear will recognise, Uri's achievements have enabled access to high-quality sound and performance for many who previously could not afford it.
I agree with all that. I personally love that the elite club of people who could buy an expensive piece of gear has been infiltrated by the riff-raff. Whether it be software or inexpensive hardware, it doesn’t matter to me.

Also, I should mention that I have zero against what Uli is doing. It’s not for me, but there was a hole and a lot of hand wringing about why that hole could not be filled, and Behringer went over, while no one was looking, and filed it. Good on him.

My only complaint is that the constant speculation and hints that are being put out by Behringer via forums (fora?) and social media is causing every other thread to be about one of the clones and a lot of them don’t even exist yet... or may never exist. I suspect he’s trying to gauge public interest before he makes a synth, and that feels a bit manipulative. If he announces a Pro One clone, then of course start a new “Behringer Clone’s The Pro One” thread, but we’re seeing things like BS-80 threads with little evidence that such a synth will be made. The chum in the water is ruining the view of the reef.

In the end, it’s a good thing. The more people playing music, the better.