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Thanks for your comments. Do you have any experience booming with the Schoeps CMC641? Your comments on the Gefell here match my experience with the Schoeps so I’d be curious to hear a comparison of the two.

The MKH50 by the way does not exhibit this behavior. That mic has a definite and drastic tonal shift when going off axis. I love the mic but it definitely needs more precise boom work.

Hey there Mike,

I do not have experience booming with our industry standard CMC6/ MK41 combo. I seriously considered getting into a CMC6 and some capsules, but ultimately opted for the Gefell M310. Cost was part of my consideration, but obviously when a mic gets into the $1000 territory like the M310, I was for sure going for quality.

Maybe someday I will be able to do a side-by-side with the M310 and the CMC6/MK41. But as you know, it comes with many hours of operating our mics on a boom before we really know the tools we are working with. I do not think I will ever get to that point as I am really happy with the M310 (using for four years now) and would only want something with a tighter pattern as an option.

Your description of the off-axis responses of the MKH50 and the CMC6/MK41 are not surprising to me. But it does make me think if I picked up an MKH50, I might have trouble putting it to use for anything other than a single person sit down interview, locked down on a C-stand.