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One really interesting thing I have found with the M310 is as the source drifts off-axis, it simply becomes more quiet and the tone does not really shift, which is not typical in a hyper-cardioid mic in my humble experience. Yes, in an omni, that is generally what one would expect, but not so in such a directional mic. This feature of the mic makes it really useful for booming on the fly with talent, because if someone speaks out-of-turn, they still sound correct, just not as loud, and that is an easy thing to adjust in post.
Thanks for your comments. Do you have any experience booming with the Schoeps CMC641? Your comments on the Gefell here match my experience with the Schoeps so I’d be curious to hear a comparison of the two.

The MKH50 by the way does not exhibit this behavior. That mic has a definite and drastic tonal shift when going off axis. I love the mic but it definitely needs more precise boom work.