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I am so sorry I missed this thread. My main work is recording sound for film and TV and I have a pair of M310 mics that I use for interior booming. I also have a pair of M300 mics that I picked up recently.

FWIW, I will share a little info that I can regarding the M310, if anyone here still cares to know about them...

So the mic does NOT have any sort of harsh high frequency peak, which is one of the things I was looking for: a mostly flat mic with a hypercardioid pattern for interior boom work. And what it does, it really just sounds correct and has a serious appeal to my ears. If I am listening on a production to sound through other mics and then hear sound through the Gefell mic(s) I just feel like things settled back into the place where they should be and those other mics really just do not sound believable.

One really interesting thing I have found with the M310 is as the source drifts off-axis, it simply becomes more quiet and the tone does not really shift, which is not typical in a hyper-cardioid mic in my humble experience. Yes, in an omni, that is generally what one would expect, but not so in such a directional mic. This feature of the mic makes it really useful for booming on the fly with talent, because if someone speaks out-of-turn, they still sound correct, just not as loud, and that is an easy thing to adjust in post.

Somewhat of a disappointment with the mic is it needs more current via the phantom power feed than some other microphones. Thus it is NOT a good candidate for use with plug-on wireless transmitters. My Lectrosonics HM/ HMA transmitters will NOT deliver enough current to power the M310 or the M300. But they will power my Sennheiser MKH60 and MKH8060.

They are really solid microphones and a joy to operate. I would still like to acquire an MKH50 to use with my plug on transmitters and for tool choices for different settings. But if I only ever have my M310 and my MKH60 for booming interior/ exterior, I will be able to deliver excellent on-set recordings.