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Old 1st August 2019
Here for the gear

Hello, I am Hairdog+


I'm a long time lurker and recent first-time poster. I'm a somewhat educated (AAS) freelance live sound and home studio engineer (Loose use of the title), Hobbyist musician. I'm in my mid to late twenties and I recently moved from Austin, Tx to Indianapolis, Indiana (Family). My grandfather was a higher up engineer at IBM in his day, and through that, I have found I have a lifetime knack for troubleshooting computers, I can do just about anything except writing code, never tried to learn. I also do some light fabrication and have been known to pick up the occasional service gig in a pinch, cause tips pay bills yall.

I like rock and roll and I like it a- ****in lot (I can curse right?!)
Favorites include. Ariel Pink, Qotsa, Oh Sees, Holy Sons, T-Rex, Danny Brown, Death Grips, Cleaners from Venus, The Stooges, Bowie, Devo, and Kendrick... the list goes on. The only things I dislike are corporate music unless I like it then .... whatever!

I like cheesy movies, podcasts, and documentaries.

I play a Gibson S.G. that I have repaired the headstock on myself at least twice. I mostly write music on a 4 track using an Alesis sr-16 for percussion. No, I don't have anything I'm willing to openly post publicly, Im like that about stuff. I have been an active part of the punk rock community for 15 years, I go to shows, sometimes throw them and play them. I buy my friends tapes. I see bands I like on tour. Current Amp is an AC-30. I would love to own a bassman.

Currently, I'm working on a piece of ambient audio to accompany an art installation. The idea is a 15-20 minute loop with lots of voices, ambiance, music, etc. During the loop, certain voices come to the for the front for small sound bites. The piece is about the experience of United States refugees and Immigrants.

I'm also somewhat considering going back to school, possibly for a topic a bit broader than just music technology, but only in the interest of broadening my skills and abilities. My ultimate goal is to not have a boss, but instead clients. That's it.

So that's my bio. Feel free to respond to any aspect that we may have in common. I'm here in hopes to learn, troubleshoot, and maybe get to answer a few questions for others.

- The M.F. Hairdog +